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Genie HD DVR

Genie grants your every TV wish. Now everyone in your family can enjoy all of their favorite shows, live or recorded, in any room—from a single HD DVR. It’s called Genie and it’s our most advanced HD DVR ever. Genie gives you full HD DVR functionality on every TV in your home, lets you record five shows at once, and offers more HD recording capacity than cable. Consider your TV wishes granted.
Full HD DVR functionality in every room. With Genie, you and your family can watch, record, pause, rewind, delete shows in any room of your home, from a single HD DVR. You can even start watching a show in one room and finish in any other. Plus your family can watch live or recorded TV in four rooms at the same time.
Record more. Store more. Tired of recording conflicts? Genie puts an end to all that by letting you record five shows at once. Plus you have more recording capacity than cable, so you don’t have to keep deleting shows to make room for new ones.

Genie Mini

Genie Lite

Connect to a new world of HD entertainment. Genie Lite is the perfect HD receiver. It features the same superior HD picture and theater-quality sound of our flagship Genie HD DVR. Plus, it easily connects to your home broadband network, unlocking a ton of amazing features right on your TV.
More than just a pretty picture. When connected to the Internet, Genie Lite turns into an interactive entertainment powerhouse. Relax with music played on your TV through Pandora Internet Radio. Get in the game with ScoreGuide™ and Fantasy Football TV apps. Check out the latest weather forecast, or quickly find something else to watch with Smart Search. You can do it all without missing the program you’re currently watching.
Start in here, finish in there. When teamed up with our Genie Minis, Genie Lite lets you and your family watch your favorite entertainment in any room of your home—on up to 4 TVs at once. Start watching a show in one room, and resume in another. Plus, its compact design allows you to tuck it neatly out of sight. Now your favorite programs can take center stage, not your receiver.

Wireless HUB

Wireless Video Bridge

Choose Wireless Genie Minis. They connect to the Genie HD DVR via Wireless Video Bridge. No cable outlet needed—just the power cord and an HDMI cable.
Say goodbye to messy cable wires and boxes with Wireless Genie Mini. It’s so small and powerful it eliminates the need for visible equipment and cable outlets around your TV. Now your entertainment can take center stage.
Put your TV anywhere. Even outside. Movie night in the backyard, the big game in the man cave—you’re finally free to move your TVs anywhere you want. Regardless of where your cable outlets are. Enjoy HD DVR anywhere inside—or outside—your home.

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