The leader in the lighting control industry and offers a wide selection of energy saving
dimmers and lighting control solutions. Light control offers many ways to help the environment,
while beautifying your home. Lutron dimmers and light control systems let you use
just the right amount of light, reducing electricity usage
and extending bulb life. With eco-home products
from Lutron, you can save energy without sacrificing comfort or style.

Integration & Home Automation

Energy Savings

Whole-home systems make it easy to dim the lights throughout your home to create ambiance and save energy with wireless controls. Install discreet occupancy/vacancy sensors to ensure lights are turned off when rooms are unoccupied.

Pathway Lighting

Create safe navigation through your home. No need to walk from room to room to control each light. Press a button to illuminate a pathway from your bedroom to move easily and safely throughout your home at night.

Safety & Security

Enjoy the safety and security of advanced wireless lighting control. Create a safe path of light to, through, and around your home. Connect your security system to your lighting system for an added level of assurance. Add automated shades to create privacy or protect valuable furnishings.

Lutron Quantum

Lutron Quantum Logo

Quantum is a lighting control and energy management system that provides total light management by tying the most complete line of lighting controls, motorized window shades, digital ballasts and LED drivers, and sensors together under one software umbrella. Quantum is ideal for new construction or retrofit applications and can easily scale from a single area to a building, or to a campus with many buildings.
Quantum offers a broad range of control strategies and capabilities to manage all the light in your building — automated lighting and daylight control, simple integration with time clocks and HVAC systems, and personal control to tune lighting to individual preferences for every situation.

Advanced capabilities, such as tunable white control and solar-responsive shading software, ensure a responsive system able to provide the right environment today, and easily adapt over time to meet changing occupant needs.

Quantum offers a wide variety of data-driven reports and alerts. Help improve building layout, defer capital expenditures, deliver a more efficient space, and reduce your building’s carbon footprint.

  • Space utilization reports
  • Occupancy trends
  • Customizable alerts
  • Energy reports
  • Lutron Vive

    Lutron Vive Logo

    Vive by Lutron is a simple, scalable, wireless control that can be installed in a single space or throughout an entire campus. It’s designed to meet today’s energy codes, be used in new construction or retrofit situations, and meet your budgetary needs.
  • Communicates with controls on a floor using Lutron wireless.
  • Clear Connect technology (range radius of 71 ft [22 m])
  • Distributed system architecture
  • Supports timeclock events based on both sunrise and sunset or fixed time-of-day
  • Two contact closure inputs to enable load shed from other devices for Title 24 compliance and utility integration.
  • Open ADR 2.0b compatible for integration with utilities for demand response/loadshed and code compliance
  • Each hub provides an individual dashboard for its coverage area and allows you to link to other hub dashboards from the mobile application
  • API integration, native on the Vive hub, to enable integration with third party devices, systems, and software. RESTful APIs are available over the ethernet.
  • Proactive alerts to inform batteries are low or devices may not be working to ensure system operates as expected.
  • Save energy and improve building performance

  • Energy reporting – Quickly view and display energyusage information to drive decision making and demonstrate savings.
  • Load shed Open ADR Compatible – Easily set lighting reduction levels that automatically respond during peak electricity usage times.
  • Schedules – Use a 365-day calendar to automatically adjust lights based on time of day, including single day and holiday events.
  • Light Control – Directly adjust the light levels.
  • Alerts – View proactive alerts that show issues such as low batteries or inactive devices to help improve building maintenance efficiency.
  • Lutron Limelight

    Lutron Limelight Logo

    Wireless Outdoor Lighting Control Solution – Exterior lighting, especially in parking lots and garages, represents a significant aspect of facility operations and maintenance, and it is often controlled independent of other building systems. Limelight by Lutron streamlines specification and design, makes your exterior lighting smarter, and can connect to Lutron Enterprise Vue software to control all building lighting from a single sign-on.
    Limelight by Lutron offers smart-fixture data that meets your needs

  • Simple system design – Just count the number of outdoor fixtures.
  • Single gateway control – Control up to 800 luminaires with no repeaters necessary. A cellular gateway option requires no connection to the building network and eliminates the need for ethernet drops.
  • Scheduling – Adjust light levels for predictable events. Use timeof- day, occupancy, and/or daylighting functionality: e.g., disable occupancy sensors during work hours, enable for after-hours.
  • Intelligent fixture groupings – Program entire floor or area to turn on when an occupant enters from a stairwell or elevator; have all lighting in the lot turn on in response to an entering vehicle.
  • Reactive events – Adjust light levels based on daylight and/or occupancy sensor data, and save energy while ensuring adequate illumination.
  • Safety feature – Include grouped occupancy setting, custom unoccupied lighting level to accommodate security cameras, and immediate email alerts in response to fixture issues.
  • Manage data and operations for multiple Lutron lighting and shade control solutions

  • A single data and management platform for your connected buildings
  • The system interface delivers a simple, consistent user experience from any PC or tablet
  • Open, easy integration with BACnet and web APIs leverages the IoT to enhance smart-building performance
  • Lutron Palladiom

    Lutron Palladiom Logo

    Palladiom Shading System – In 1993, Lutron established a new benchmark in shades with our quiet motorized shading system. Now, we’re redefining the automated shades category with the Palladiom Shading System. They’re designed for exposed applications – to be installed without a fascia, pocket, or recess – and look beautiful from every angle.
    With groundbreaking technology and whisper-quiet performance, these shades have been created for the most sophisticated homes. The unibody aluminum brackets are meticulously hand-finished and are robust enough to support a 12-foot-by-12-foot shade with a remarkably slim 3-inch profile. They’re also available in a variety of finishes and blend into any architectural style seamlessly.

  • Machined aluminum

  • Unibody structure
  • Integrated wiring
  • Concealed but accessible programming
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Engineered wire management
  • Symmetrical ½ʺ light gaps

  • Width: 20ʺ to 144ʺ
  • Height: 12ʺ to 144ʺ

  • 35V DC low-voltage

  • HomeWorks QS

  • Extruded aluminum with machined end caps