Rockstar Surveillance Design
Personalized designs that compose complete clarity.

Our talented designers will construct the perfect layout to protect your family and property. Find some piece of mind by viewing your surveillance system remotely while being away from your home.


Work closely with our design team to strategically position every outdoor and indoor camera securing your business. Take comfort in being completely informed from the initial design to final installation of your surveillance system.

Design Process & Benefits

Equipment Layout

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We provide a clear understanding of what equipment will be installed and where it will be located.

Areas of Interest

Full consideration is given to our customer’s individual needs when designing a surveillance system. Our top priority is to cover all high risk areas.

The Right Camera

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4K Resolution, vandal proof, infrared; these are just a few options available to give the best surveillance in every location.

The Right Recorder

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Having ample hard drive space and available channels are all things to consider for your current property and any future expansions.

Loss, Theft, Vandalism

Surveillance cameras are an excellent way to both prevent and reduce theft, saving your business money and keeping your home and offices secure. Merely seeing a security camera is sometimes enough for a prospective thief to reevaluate their plan of action.

Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring, you can view your surveillance system from the convenience of your device no matter where you are. This allows you to keep an eye on your home or business while you are away.

Resolve Conflicts

Conflicts can occur. It is helpful for the business to be able to view what has happened to decide on what is the best way to proceed. This is possible when there is a surveillance system installed, giving proof of what really happened.

Improve Employee Productivity

It is a fact that when the boss is watching, employees will work harder. That is not the only reason video surveillance can provide a boost to productivity. With cameras in place, different departments will be able to communicate with each other more effectively.

Helpful Evidence

Unfortunately, criminal activity cannot be avoided one hundred percent of the time. That is why it is beneficial to have a surveillance system that is able to provide valuable evidence in criminal cases. Present day security cameras have high resolutions that can record the smallest details to aid investigations.

Business Savings

The most convincing argument for having a surveillance system is the cost savings it provides. While an investment is needed for the installation, that money will be returned over time. Reducing theft, improving productivity, and improving the customers experience means more money saved and earned.